About Us

Sunrise Illuminations the brand meant to produce innovative lighting technologies of various types using LED technology for both indoor and outdoor usage. These products are meant to be the best substitute and replacement to the lighting products that are currently being used. Drivers & LED's are the most critical parts in LED lights and to provide you with the best all SUNRISE products are fitted with the leading brands. We use the world's famous OSRAM LED's in all our SUNRISE products. We also provide a 2 year warranty for our products. All SUNRISE products are highly energy, efficient radiation free, eco friendly with excellent light output & long life. SUNFRISE has a range of products under the categories of Street light, Flood light, Industrial light, Canopy light & Hi-bay lights. To meet the various light output demand we have products of different sizes & wattage with excellent power factor. We will keep introducing new products under the SUNRISE brand at regular intervals so as to meet the demands of various customer segments, we request you to please go through our product catalogue to have a better understanding of our products .


Our vision is to become India's largest LED lighting company that provides LED lighting products of numerous varieties which are not only of high quality & reliability but also competitively priced to cater to various section of society.

Our Team

We have a very effective team whose main focus is to provide the best quality lighting products to our customers. Most of the professionals working at senior levels have put in many years of experience in the lighting industry. Our sales and marketing team works closely with our business partners & end users listening to their needs & wishes and closely interact with our technical team to satisfy the market demand. Our manufacturing team is fully dedicated in meeting both quality and quantity demands thus making the production costs very effective. Thus, we are a dynamic team working to satisfy customer needs all the time in a timely and effective manner.